Help ChickTech bring virtual learning to girls and womxn!

by ChickTech

ChickTech empowers current and future generations of female-identifying and non-binary individuals to see themselves in tech while supporting those already in the industry.

Now in our 8th year, ChickTech has served tens of thousands of adults and students through hands-on tech-centric education, mentorship, and high-impact networking. The impact we have on our participants isn’t limited to technical skills or career growth. ChickTech participants build confidence, learn from and with each other within our safe and welcoming space, and connect with an intergenerational community of support. 

ChickTech needs your help to make these life-changing experiences accessible to all during the current worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

What you’ll help us achieve

Your support will help ChickTech create virtual opportunities for students and professionals across the nation impacted by COVID-19.

In February 2020, we launched a beta-version of ACT-W+, an online platform to bring virtual workshops and networking to our community and beyond, ensuring anyone, anywhere can access professional development and the amazing ACT-W content you know and love. 

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to roll out this program faster than planned to ensure that our community, including our students, can stay connected, continue technology education, and build career preparedness. This is why we need your support. AND if your company matches, you can double your impact immediately.

At ChickTech, we’re keeping the focus on our community during this pandemic. Many students are facing days home alone, learning gaps, and lost access to their support networks in school. Our volunteer community is eager to continue on with our mission of supporting girls and womxn in STEM through a strong community of support. 

Together, we can show under-served students what’s possible for their futures, and how we stick by their side during trying times. All support will provide ChickTech with the necessary resources to make sure our thousands of students and womxn in tech can come together now so we continue our traction in an equitable STEM workplace and pipeline of diverse representation. 

Join us in committing to our students, today. Join us in investing in the future of technology.

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