by Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Go hungry for a day so someone else doesn’t have to…

Needless to say, this year’s Thanksgiving holiday will look a little different for everyone. In addition to the prepared Thanksgiving meal that we will serve to over 1,000 hungry and homeless New Yorkers, this year, around 500 families are also relying on the generosity of you, and everyone in our community, to ensure our new pantry program can provide a Thanksgiving meal to their children and grandchildren.

Because of the pandemic economy, approximately 1.5 million New Yorkers can’t afford food right now. You can lend them a helping hand by taking part in our 9th annual Fast-a-Thon. Participating in Fast-a-Thon means creating your own personal fundraising campaign while pledging to eat one meal, like many Soup Kitchen guests do each day. By signing up and taking part on Thursday, November 19th, you’ll only eat one meal that day and stand in solidarity with New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity. 

This year, Fast-a-Thon comes at a critical time. The emergency funding we received from the State expired last week, and amidst the pandemic economy the need for food services is greater than ever. Holy Apostles has provided more than double the number of meals than we did in 2019 through our Soup Kitchen and Pantry programs, and we expect this need will only grow over the next few months. 

By joining Fast-a-Thon, you can support Soup Kitchen guests through the winter months while showing your friends and family what our mission means to you. 

How does it work?

1. Click here to register and create a personalized fundraising page.

2. Share your personalized fundraising page with your friends so they can sponsor you. We'll provide you with a toolkit to make fundraising as easy as copying and pasting!

3. On November 19th, you’ll fast from 6AM until 11:59PM and eat only one meal. 

4. The money you raise will be put to immediate use and ensure New Yorkers who lack the means can still enjoy the wonderful tastes of the Holidays with a caring community.

What do I eat?

For many of our soup kitchen guests, the meal they eat here is the only meal they eat that day. By taking part in the Fast-a-thon, you’ll only be eating one meal too. 

Normally, we'd invite you to the soup kitchen to enjoy your meal alongside our guests or other fasters. Since we can't do that this year, we'll send you the recipe of what we're serving at the soup kitchen on November 19 so you can make your own meal at home. You'll experience first-hand how the meals we provide at the soup kitchen are of the same quality and nutrition as what you'd serve your own loved ones.

Can’t fast but still want to help? Please donate today! $5 = 5 meals 

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