Operation HopeFULL

by Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

When your bank account is near zero or you don’t have your own place to call home, navigating a global pandemic and stocking up on groceries is almost impossible. When the nightly average temperature is below freezing, things become even more difficult.

That's why Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, the largest soup kitchen in New York, has launched Operation HopeFULL, a community-driven campaign that rallies support from the broader New York City community to ensure New Yorkers struggling with economic hardship during COVID-19 have access to food, clothing, toiletries, masks, and items essential for survival in cold winter months.

In the winter months, Operation HopeFULL seeks to alleviate the hardships cold weather brings by supplying our guests with cold weather gear. We have partnered up with IAC to provide care packages to 500 Soup Kitchen guests who live on the streets. In order to ensure everyone receives a complete care package, we need to raise $35,000. Please donate today and help us reach our goal. Your winter gift could save a life!

New Yorkers stick together during challenging times and by donating, you are sustaining your neighbors who may otherwise go overlooked.

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