Creekside Community Park for Downtown El Sobrante

by Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante

The San Pablo Creekside Property at 4001 & 4011 San Pablo Dam Road, between Bank of America and the Car Wash, is an ideal parcel for a community park. We are accepting donations until a sale is final.

We are in conversation with the County and other stakeholders to make this happen, but we need your immediate help! The fundraising minimum from the community is $400,000.

2 Ways to Show Support

Make a donation TODAY.
Sign the petitions to show you support the project.

Request County Funds for Land Acquisition | LINK
Support Bond Measure for Park Development & Maintenance | LINK

PROJECT DETAILS & FAQ available on

If acquisition fails, donor funds will be returned.
This round of funding is strictly for acquisition.
Recognition will occur in development phases.
Donations are tax-deductible.

Inquiries: Sharon Korotkin, 
Executive Director (510) 301-6709

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