Capital Campaign for a Forever Home

by City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue

​10 Years & Over 8,700 Lives Saved!

Help Us Continue Our Mission

City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue has been serving the entire DC-metro area and rural shelter dogs and cats for the past 10 years. Our mission has become increasingly difficult as the number of animals in need rises annually. Without the proper resources, we simply do not have the capability to meet the growing demand for our services. A new facility will allow us to expand to meet more of the needs of this important population.

City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue has 2 full-time employees, 1 part-time employee, and over 500 volunteers and foster families caring for the cats and dogs 365-days a year!

We found the perfect location in DC that will give us a stable place to intake our animals upon arrival, house our staff and volunteers, and evaluate and introduce new rescues to potential forever families. To purchase and implement DC code-required renovations to the facility we need you!

The important project is at a cost of $1,350,000 and we have $600,000 left to raise between June 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021.

Thousands of dogs and kitties are counting on your generosity!

How you can help:

  • As a FOUNDATION, you can financially support our effort to meet a community need.
  • As a BUSINESS, you can underwrite (and name!) a room.
  • As a CONTRACTOR, you can donate your time to help us renovate our new facility.
  • As a COMMUNITY MEMBER, you can contribute to make our dream of a new facility a reality.
  • As a COMMUNITY GROUP, you can organize a fundraiser for this project.

Please donate today and help City Dogs & City Kitties continue to welcome dogs and cats into their hearts and homes...saving precious lives!

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