Help Save Minnie! Emergency Spay Surgery Complications Requiring Urgent Surgery.

by City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Help Save Minnie! Emergency Spay Surgery Complications Requiring Urgent Surgery. 

8/25 Update: Minnie had her surgery and is recovering. She had several spot bleeding internally and became very anemic. She had to have a blood transfusion, but now that all of the bleeding spots are repaired, she is rebounding. Thank you so much for helping us care for her during this time. 


Please help! Minnie is in the emergency room receiving supportive care for suspected internal bleeding due to spay complications. The vets can only see so much on her scans, so she either has a foreign body or blood clots from internal bleeding. They won't know until they open her up and Minnie will not survive without this surgery. 

Minnie is only 2 years old and otherwise a very healthy young dog. We want to do everything we can to save her so she can find a wonderful family and live a long happy life. 

Minnie's been through a lot despite her young age. She arrived at the shelter with a deformed front leg due to a previous injury. We were not able to save her leg, so she underwent amputation surgery and recovered beautifully. Now we need to help her recover from spay complications. Her care costs for emergency medical support and surgery are expected to range from $6500 to $10,000.

Our rescue receives no government support and the only way we can continue care for our dogs and cats is through your generous donations. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach our goal.

We hope we don't have to turn anyone away or needlessly euthanize a cat or dog who can be helped. Please help us reach our important fundraising goal today in support of our lifesaving mission.


*CDR&CK is 100% supported by donations and constantly face daunting medical costs (well over $450,000 each year). A donation in any amount will make a positive impact. Thank you for your generous heart and commitment to our mission. 

City Dogs Rescue and City Kitties works closely with high-kill shelters in rural communities with few resources, CDR&CK finds at-risk adoptable dogs and cats and saves their lives. Once an animal is identified funds are raised for transportation to DC and for medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neutering procedures. The dog or cat has the companionship of a foster care provider and the support of an amazing team of volunteers until a permanent home is found -- usually thanks to social media campaigns and dynamic adoption events. 
City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties in Washington, DC has rescued over 6,000 abandoned and abused dogs and cats since 2011. Our mission and animals rely solely on the support of the community. Your donation, in any amount, assists our lifesaving efforts. Any funds raised in excess of the amount needed for this case will be used towards other animals in our care. 
Our expenses come in many forms to care for the almost 250 dogs and cats in our care at any one time, including vet care, training assistance, transportation, gear, and preventatives. 
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