Abandoned and Abused Animals Need You. Gift a Second Chance Today.

by City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties

Our work continues through the crisis. Dogs and cats need your help!

Our mission and animals rely solely on the support of the community. 

City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties works each day—before, during, and after this crisis—to make a difference in the lives of abandoned cats and dogs. The demand for our rescue services is immense, and we need you to continue our work. Your support saves a dog or cat's life and brings unconditional love into a home today.

Since our start in 2011, we have rescued over 8,000 abandoned dogs and cats. Our expenses to care for the almost 250 dogs and cats in our care come in many forms, including vet care, training assistance, transportation, gear, preventatives, and dewormer. We continuously face daunting medical costs that reach well over $500,000 a year. 

We know this is a challenging and uncertain time for everyone, but your support significantly impacts the work we do. That's why we're inviting you to make a difference. You can donate right now to support our work. A tax-deductible gift in any amount will help us reach our $30,000 year-end goal.

Since January 1, 2020, City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties has:

  • Increased our lifesaving efforts by 30% compared to 2019
  • Rescued, transported, and provided care for 1,550 cats & dogs
  • Adopted 1,680 cats & dogs into happy homes (8000 since we started in 2011!)
  • Welcomed 1150 homeless dogs & cats into fosters' homes
  • Treated 400+ urgent or critical medical cases (Medical care costs average $500,000/year)

Please make a contribution today to support our lifesaving mission.

Our Story

Nine years ago, three people joined forces to bring one dog from Georgia, where he was just about to be euthanized, to DC, where he was adopted into a loving home within a week. More than 8,000 dogs and cats later, City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties is known as the place to go when pet adoption is in view.

Here's why.

Working closely with high-kill shelters in rural communities with few resources, CDR&CK finds at-risk adoptable dogs and cats and saves their lives.

Once an animal is identified, a vast network of social media supporters (60,000+) raises funds for transportation to DC and medical care, vaccinations, and spay/neutering procedures. The dog or cat has the companionship of a foster care provider and the support of an amazing team of volunteers until a permanent home is found -- usually thanks to social media campaigns and dynamic adoption events.

Community Partnerships

CDR&CK also gives back to the community in other ways. In the past, we partnered with Food & Friends in support of their Slice of Life campaign raising $30,000 annually for their program! We also support activities with students and youth in the area by providing awareness events and opportunities to build their skills in communications, photography, and videography.

Please help us reach our important fundraising goal today to help us continue our mission of saving the lives of discarded animals. You can donate directly or set up your own fundraising page and reach out to your network.

Your support makes a big impact. Thank you.

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