Pup Strut and Kitty Cuddle

by Clatsop Animal Assistance

Welcome to CAA's Pup Strut and Kitty Cuddle 2020!

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 Join Clatsop Animal Assistance in our first ever virtual fundraising event to support the animals of Clatsop County. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, CAA has had to cancel our annual December fundraiser and Holiday Party. This year please invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to join your dog walking or cat napping team or participate as an individual and help us raise money now through November 30th for dogs and cats very much in need. 

Want to help?

  • Make a donation to CAA by choosing any of the suggested amounts or donate the amount of your choice
  • Create your own team or Join an existing Pup Strut or Kitty Cuddle Team by clicking on the button that says "I Want To Fundraise For This" and invite friends to join you
  •  Share your photos and email them to us at info@dogncats.org and we will post those photos on CAA's website dogsncats.org

You make it possible for CAA to provide help and hope for the dogs and cats in Clatsop County. Because of you, we’re always confident that we can cover veterinary costs for the shelter animals - from wellness check-ups for kittens to major surgeries and follow-up care. Clatsop Animal Assistance, Inc. is an all-volunteer-run 501(c)3 organization that partners with the Clatsop County Animal Shelter.

Did you know that CAA volunteers feed and medicate, socialize and walk, love and support local shelter animals? Volunteers help out on weekends and holidays in rain or shine! CAA volunteers fundraise and run social media campaigns to help get cats and dogs out of the shelter and into safe homes as quickly as possible! Our volunteers transport animals long distances to see specialists and foster animals in our homes after major surgery. There are no paid employees- just animal lovers.

 With that in mind, reach out to friends and family and join CAA's Pup Strut and Kitty Cuddle 2020. Donate any amount that feels good- because we can't do it without you. The cats and dogs of Clatsop County thank you!

Do you want to donate but don't want to deal with technology in the process? 

Feel free to send CAA a check in any amount to-

P.O. Box 622

Warrenton, OR 97146

CAA would like to thank our amazing sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors

WCT Marine & Construction, Inc.

Andy DeWyse and his dog Kiki

Gold Sponsors

Clatsop Health and Life Insurance Agency

Mike Brackenbrough

Cindy Compton

Silver Sponsors

Bob Potter

Donna Beckwith

Morisse Logging

Bob McEwan Construction

Linda Perkins Baking- Rustic Breads and Almond Cakes

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters

Rodney Merrill

And we thank our recent donors...

Karen Monroe in memory of her son - Ian Scot Monroe

Sash Watts, Elizabeth King, Jerry Regan, R.J. and Eve Marx, Judith Marshall, Deborah Laws-Steidel, Pacific Seafood, Betty Trampe, Deborah Morgan, Pacific Title Co., Rae and Bob Zimmerling, Suanne Smith, Helen Meinicke, Susan Matthews, Darlene Van Auken, Kristi McCauley, Bob Potter,Andy DeWyse, Debra and Jeff Peretti, Rick Saturn, Susan Lair, Liz Babbs, Torri Sutherland, Marvin L. Bame, Carrie Rohlik, Sarah Brittain  Rose Moss, Matt Rickett, Terence Stilin-Rooney, Amanda Armstrong, Laura Schuchardt, Mary Numair, Izzy Weinberg, Janet Bowler, Julien Ramsay, Casey Anderson, Golden Whale, Seaside Oceanfront Inn, Michelle Swanson, Linda Perkins, Rodney Merrill, Skipanon Storage, Jerry's Home Maintenance, Bowpicker Fish & Chips, Joan Paton Acosta, Rachel Conyers, Lynne Johnson, Dana Weston, Mary Culshaw, Carla Sowins, Doug Malley, Colleen Malley, Ed Halula, Cheri Temple at Short Stop Food Store, Catherine Peterson, Laura Rogers, Lynne Landwehr, Judy Nixon, Lisa Cervany, David Russell!

Thank you!

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this event please contact us at info@dogsncats.org for more information. Thank you!

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