by Climate Action Campaign

"I give to CAC for the future. We need to act now to ensure an inhabitable planet for future generations. CAC is the most effective local organization making real change and I know each dollar gets put to good use."  -Sarah Thorwirth

"We give financial support to CAC because they work hard to advocate for climate action, and they get results! They are focused on the most important local climate issues. No other climate action nonprofit has done more to help San Diego move toward a zero-carbon future."  -David and Peg Engel

"I give to Climate Action Campaign because they are a key player in the climate fight here in San Diego and they get things done." -Scott Borden

If you can please consider an additional donation to these amazing organizations:

San Diego County Refugee Families Emergency Fund: https://www.panasd.org/covidfund

San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium (SDIRC) Immigrant Relief Fund: https://www.immigrantsandiego.org/donate_to_the_sdirc_immigrant_relief_fund

Just in Time for Foster Youth: https://invest.jitfosteryouth.org/give/274726/#!/donation/checkout

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