Spring Forward

by CoDanceCo, Inc.

Spring Forward is the kickoff to a six-week campaign to help DCLI both sustain and reimagine its work. It is a celebration of DCLI's long-standing service to schools all over Long Island, where we have brought the magic of social dance, life skills, and connection to more than 21,000 students and their families during our 13-year existence.

It's also a testament to the pivoting we've done during the pandemic, where we have offered schools the opportunity to have a virtual residency with Homeroom Edition, and a socially-distanced, in-person program with our Safe Space residency.

In addition to changing the way we serve elementary and middle school children, DCLI has expanded its services to include adults 55 and up, a population increasingly isolated during the pandemic, offering them through our Silver Edition program a chance to elevate their mood through joyful dance, music, and social connections.

Both DC Global and DCLI are going to be widening their social-emotional work through a broader definition of social dancing that will in the future include a World Edition, where many more dances and cultures can be explored. We are thrilled to be honoring Mickela Mallozzi, whose Emmy-winning PBS show Bare Feet With Mickela Mallozzi has brought  people together all over the world, one dance at a time.

In order to continue our services and expand what we do, who we serve, and how we serve them, DCLI needs your help. Your donations will directly support training our Teaching Artists and serving more children and adults in our community.

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