Cultivate the Future!

by Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation (CALF)

Why did CALF launch a major fundraising campaign in the middle of a pandemic? Prior to COVID-19, CALF’s programs and facilities were at capacity, and our amazing, loyal staff were stretched to the brink. As a result of the pandemic, CALF’s earned income has been dramatically reduced. Yet, at the same time we see an increase in demand for outdoor volunteer opportunities, knowledge about food, access to locally grown products, and availability of authentic, educational activities.

These factors create a tipping point at CALF and for our staff. Shall we continue down our current, limited path? Or, shall we work to achieve our vision of transforming CALF into a premier working educational ranch? CALF’s Cultivate the Future Campaign chooses a bold, visionary, long-term approach represented in the funding goals listed below.    

Cultivate the Future Funding Goals

Year One

  • Payoff loan for the purchase of the 35-acre Homestead Parcel - $368,000
  • Irrigation improvements to avoid water rights abandonment - $15,000
  • Greenhouse, Crop, Pasture, Garden, and Orchard Improvements - $85,000
  • Homestead House Restoration - $100,000

Year Two

  • Red Barn and Livestock Facility Improvements - $265,000
  • Establish State-of-the-Art Apiary to improve honey production and bee habitat - $67,000
  • Implement a Sustainable Human Resource Plan - $300,000
  • Build CALF Endowment Fund - $100,000

Year Three

  • Agricultural Education Center Site Preparation and Planning - $500,000
  • Implement a Sustainable Human Resource Plan - $300,000
  • Build CALF Endowment Fund - $200,000

Year Four

  • Construct Agricultural Education Center - $2,500,000
  • Build CALF Endowment Fund - $300,000

Year Five

  • Develop and implement programmatic enhancements - $500,000
  • Build CALF Endowment Fund - $400,000

CALF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donation to CALF and our "Cultivate the Future" campaign may be tax deductible.  The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act creates two, temporary changes to the tax treatment of such donations. One is a universal deduction targeted primarily at the 90+% of standard deduction taxpayers, and the other is meant to incentivize the remaining high income givers and corporations. 

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CALF accepts donations of stock!  Please contact Brooke Fox 720-277-7651 or for more information.

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