Community Cycling Center - Emergency Campaign

by Community Cycling Center

The Community Cycling Center bike shop will close for two weeks to help flatten the curve of COVID 19 infections. Some mechanics will be working on-site for now, as we're hoping to minimize the financial impact on our staff. Above all, we believe this is the right course of action to protect our vulnerable neighbors.

We also know that bicycles are a viable transportation option during pandemics. Many cities are reporting surges in cycling. With your support, we can explore safe means of delivering our mission over the coming weeks and months to individuals who are short on mobility options. The Community Cycling Center hopes to remain a resource for Portlanders seeking cheaper, safer transportation options.

We also want to level with you. The partial-closure of our shop comes at a substantial loss to our nonprofit. This closure (if it's not longer) will likely set us back about $75,000. Yet, we are optimistic that our staff and supporters like you can help push us through this so we can be there for people who rely on us. You can help us by donating today. Every bit helps!

You can also take the next step by clicking the "I Want to Fundraise For This" option above and you will be set up with your fundraising campaign for the Cycling Center within minutes!

If you are not in a position to give, please share this campaign through your social media and peer networks. Everything helps! 

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