by Community Cycling Center

OBRA is teaming up with the Community Cycling Center to address hunger in communities impacted by COVID-19 by supporting food pantry bicycle deliveries. What started as 30 registered households for delivery at one pantry has grown to nearly 150 households receiving weekly deliveries of food by bicycle spread across three sites in N and NE Portland. Many families are relying on these deliveries due to reliance on public transit, language barriers, and other challenges.

OBRA supports these vital efforts, and through your support members will directly help deliver food to families associated with the Sitton SUN Communty School in Portland. 

Jonnie Ling, the Interim Executive Director at Community Cycling Center, believes these deliveries are essential to addressing community needs. “We need to support our communities in their time of greatest need and access to food is a basic necessity that is being challenged by this pandemic. If we don’t support them now, how can we honestly say that we are here to support them with their transportation and safety challenges in the future?” he said.

Please give generously and together we will provide access to healthy food in our community!

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