by Community Cycling Center

It all starts with FUN! We believe that the joy and sense of freedom that riding a bike brings is something that everyone deserves to experience. While many things about our organization have changed since our founding in 1994, our mission remains the same: to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits. One of those benefits we often overlook is Fun -- and no one understands the inherent Fun that bikes possess more than kids. Providing opportunities to have fun on bikes is a catalyst for lifelong memories and healthy habits -- that’s why we put so much work into making community programs that are engaging and meaningful. 

As our organization sustains significant financial losses due to COVID-19 related closures, we need your support to keep the Fun going. Support Community Cycling Center’s Community Programs today with the #CCCskids4Kids Challenge!

We Challenge YOU to do a skid on your bike or make a #CCCskids4Kids donation. Or both! It could be a crazy-wild skid, or just an itty bitty one. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

Post a video of your skid or a screenshot of your donation to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag up to 3 friends you want to pass the challenge along to. Don’t forget to add #CCCskids4Kids and tag @communitycyclingcenter so we can keep the momentum going!

Bonus Challenge: all individuals who donate $10 or more will be entered for a chance to win a locally handmade bag by North St. Bags filled with other goodies!

Unsure about your skid skills? Our Bike Camp instructors have shared some tips on learning how to skid safely. Check it out above!

Community Cycling Center and it’s affiliated partners are not responsible for personal injury or damage of property while participating in the CCCskids4kids challenge. Participate at your own risk.

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