Mission: Ignite COVID-19 Fund

by Mission: Ignite

Mission: Ignite is requesting your help in receiving emergency funding to provide students and displaced workers with the digital access they need to continue school, work from home, and access tele-appointments with doctors. These funds will help get computers directly into the hands of Buffalonians. 

Mission: Ignite has provided digital access to some of our communities’ most vulnerable populations for the last 23 years. These are the same populations that are most adversely impacted by the spread of COVID-19 and the digital divide in our community. This includes low-income K-12 students and college students, displaced workers, and seniors. 

We strive to include everyone in our digital future. In order to best provide digital access to individuals affected by the coronavirus, we need your help. 

People are in need of digital access now more than ever, and we are in need of resources to provide that access to some of our most vulnerable communities. Please consider supporting Mission: Ignite during this time of crisis, and help us provide technology to people that need it the most. 

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