Constellations Virtual Concerts

by Constellations Chamber Concerts

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in force in mid-March, we had a choice to make: hunker down and wait, or jump into action to keep the music alive with virtual performances that provide both a lifeline to artists with canceled concerts and inspiring to our audiences stuck at home in an attempt to “flatten the curve.” We chose the latter, and what a journey it has been! Our first fourteen Virtual Concerts, running from April through September 2020, have reached more people than we ever thought possible, both in the D.C. area and around the world.

We've structured all of our virtual concerts around these principles: First, the musicians contributing to the concerts should be paid a fair rate for their artistry. Second, the performances should be made “fresh” during the pandemic, to capture the spirit and struggle of these times. Finally, even with performers joining from their living rooms the program for each concert should be thoughtfully crafted around a unifying theme. To make this happen, our Programming Committee has worked closely with the artists for each Virtual Concert to select from their available repertoire to form a cohesive whole!

Now, we've decided to continue virtually hosting an additional seven monthly concerts from November 2020 through May 2021, each featuring two extraordinary ensembles from around the world!  All seven concerts will be offered free of charge. The season's theme, woven through each concert, is "HOME." 

Home has taken on a whole new meaning for us during this time, with so many of us spending far more time there than we ever imagined before last March! The best of what home can be – a place of shelter and comfort, where we grow up and grow old – is still true for most of us. But home now has a tendency to become all-encompassing: a place to work, play, eat, sleep, relax, and worry all bundled into one! More than that, our concept of "home" shapes how we see the world and imagine our future. These concerts will each explore different meanings of home through chamber music.

We can't wait to share these fantastic concerts with you all!  Please lend us your support to make music possible in this time!

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