Leveling the Playing Field Campaign

by Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program


For 20 years Constructing Hope has been training skilled workers and Leveling the Playing Field in the construction industry. Will you help us continue changing lives and putting people to work in the trades?  

We serve people of color, people coming from incarceration, and low-income adults.  Our mission is to rebuild the lives of people in our community by encouraging self-sufficiency through skills training and education in the construction industry. We provide no-cost, ten-week construction training programs, placement services, and career advancement support.  A youth summer camp provides skills, motivation, and construction career pathways.  

As we've seen highlighted in recent events across the country and here in our own community, systemic racism has resulted in inequities at all levels of society.  Unfortunately, this includes the construction industry. Historically, here in Portland, marginalized communities were kept out of the skilled trades.  This legacy of active discrimination, coupled with overrepresentation in jails and prisons, and a lack of vocational training in high schools, has left people of color without mentors, support networks, or awareness of opportunities on how to enter the skilled trades. Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Program exists to address these issues.  It's time to come together to take a stand, #LevelthePlayingField and change these inequities.

In addition, we have all been impacted by COVID-19. This global pandemic has illuminated that those struggling to make ends meet are not being taken care of by the systems already in place. Furthermore, it has exposed the fact that impoverished and marginalized communities, especially black and brown communities, need more support around health care, social services, and employment opportunities that are gainful and sustaining.  We focus on these negatively impacted communities in an attempt at Leveling the Playing Field

However, amidst shut downs, social distancing, and ever-changing government requirements, we had to cancel our spring and summer sessions and are re-evaluating how we can modify our program so that we can get our students back in class and off to work! These necessary adjustments come with significant added costs.  

Whether you make a one-time gift, or decide to invest as a monthly donor, your contribution is a direct investment in another person's education. Because of you, they will be able to learn the tools they need for gainful employment and sustained empowerment for themselves, their families, and their communities.  Together, we can thrive. Together, we can Level the Playing Field.

Donations can also be mailed to the Constructing Hope office:

Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program
Attn. Leveling the Playing Field Campaign
405 NE Church Street
Portland, OR 97211


Thanks to Dave Dahl, and our Construction Match Sponsors, your donations to the Leveling the Playing Field Campaign were TRIPLED!

Constructing Hope Champion, Dave Dahl matched all Leveling the Playing Field donations up to $100,000. Our Construction Match sponsors collectively came together to match this generous gift, which means your donation today will have TRIPLE the impact for Constructing Hope’s programs.  

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