Safely Constructing Hope - Giving Tuesday 2020

by Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

As a part of Constructing Hope’s Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program, students receive vital certifications, making them qualified and prepared for work in the construction trades right away! Certifications include OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) 10 which focuses on workplace hazards, worker’s rights and employer responsibilities, Fall Protection, Asbestos Awareness, HazWOPER and Confined Space, as well as CPR/First Aid. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to additional safety screenings and precautions to ensure the wellness of our students during training as well as post-graduation, as they head to work on jobsites. These have led to additional expenses for Constructing Hope.

At Constructing Hope we also believe in a workplace that is Safe from Hate. We are champions of the Safe From Hate Jobsite Culture Pledge, which calls on all industry stakeholders in the construction industry to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by clearly addressing jobsite culture. The pledge outlines a specific set of actions the undersigned organizations will take to cultivate a respectful workplace, safe from hate, racism, sexism, discrimination, harassment, and bullying, where all workers are safe, respected and have dignity at work and in the construction industry.

This Giving Tuesday we are inviting our supporters and community to be a part of providing a safe jobsite for our graduates through certifications and addressing the inequalities/inequities/disparities of jobsite culture. Will you help us provide safety certifications to 100 Constructing Hope pre-apprenticeship training students?


  1. Make a Donation - your gift of any amount will help us to provide safety certifications to Constructing Hope Pre-Apprenticeship training students.
  2. Create a Peer to Peer Fundraiser - invite your network to join you in supporting a safe jobsite for Constructing Hope students and graduates.
  3. Sign up to be a Social Media Ambassador - we invite you to participate in extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Ambassador or #CHambassador. Learn more and sign up here

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