Crittenton Centers

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Crittenton Centers

by Crittenton Centers

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Crittenton Centers has been serving all of Central Illinois since 1892. Once serving as a home for unwed mothers, we are now a multi-service organization providing crisis intervention and parenting services to strengthen families. We have three service areas including: Crisis Nursery, Child Development Center, and Family Services.

Crisis Nursery - Immediate Protection Safety Net

We provide no cost childcare and basic needs items, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, to families in a crisis. Our goal is to prevent a parental crisis from turning into child abuse and neglect.

 Child Development Center – Transitional Support

We provide high-quality educational daycare/preschool to at- risk children. The parents receiving support have a job or are attending school in order to recieve subsidized daycare based on income and family size.

Family Services – Generational Change

We provide lasting generational change through parent education classes, support groups, family advocates, and individualized home visits so they can be the best parents to their children.

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