Join Us On The Front Lines

by Culinary Care

A good meal has the power to inspire joy, renew hope, nourish and, ultimately, save lives. 

Cancer patients have so much on their plate, unfortunately it's not always food. Culinary Care is working to fill this void by delivering free meals prepared by local restaurants for patients and their families to enjoy. 

Our program, and your support, is needed now more than ever.

Your donation will still have triple the impact because every dollar you give is...

  1. Supporting Restaurants: Your contribution will be used to purchase meals from local restaurants who have been donating to Culinary Care for seven years. These are some of Chicago's most philanthropic restaurants that we all love dining at every day. Their survival is so important to all our well-being! 
  2. Supporting Cancer Patients: Cancer is a disease that does not wait. As we've been doing for seven years, we will provide free meals for cancer patients to enjoy during treatment. The hospital does not provide any meals during these 4 -15 hour days. Patients are not allowed any visitors at this time. They are alone, anxious, fighting for their lives, exhausted and hungry. The least we can do is brighten their day and show we care by providing a free meal. 
  3. Supporting Healthcare Heroes: While the rest of us shelter in place, they must brave the outdoors to care for our loved ones. Now, it's our turn to care for them. Making sure they're healthy and happy means our patients can receive the best care possible. 

There is a lot we cannot control in this world, but we can choose compassion. We can show up for those in our community when they need us most, which is right now!

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