DADS 2021 Father-Full Families Chat with Doug Baldwin Jr. | PRESS PLAY AND ENJOY!

by Dads Divine Alternatives for Dads Services

EVENT OVERVIEW: This year we are taking to the screen again with a virtual event. What's new? Lot's of things are new this year including exciting Sponsorships, Virtual Watch Parties, Peer 2 Peer Fundraising, Raffle Prizes, and an Event Meal you can make AT HOME! 

Contact Rosa at for details.

DADS OUTCOMES: Since March of 2020, the pandemic has slowed a lot of us down, but DADS is grateful to report that the work continues. Over the last 12 months 57.9% of the clients served have a history of incarceration, 361 total clients served (258 new and 103 returning), 34 clients joined our Becoming DADS Parenting Class with a 67.2% attendance rate! All classes were held via Zoom and 80% of those attendees graduated the class.

DADS PROGRAMS: DADS clients have access to support groups, assistance with case management, child support management, parenting classes, reunification, and parenting plan assistance. 

CLIENT TESTIMONY: “I came out of prison owing $133,000 in child support. I needed to turn things around. Today, I’m married, have custody of my children, own a home and a great career. DADS has afforded me the ability to help other families.” -William Haynes

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