Dancing Classrooms NYC COVID-19 Emergency Fund

by Dancing Classrooms

For 26 years, Dancing Classrooms has been enhancing the social-emotional development and well-being of children throughout the world through the joy, connections, and self-motivated discipline of social dance. Principals describe us as "a character program" that teaches essential life skills such as focus, collaboration, self-control, and perseverance, while mastering the basics of six ballroom and Latin dances. "It's like watching a swan transform," we often hear from educators.

But now, the future of our work in New York City is uncertain. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our programs are cancelled for the spring and our largest fundraiser of the year, the Mad Hot Ball has been postponed to September 23rd. As a result, almost 25% of our annual income that we rely on to pay our talented teaching artists and committed staff and run our programs has disappeared. 

Our students are struggling! They desperately need the physical, social-emotional, and creative benefits of social dance. WE WANT  TO BE THERE FOR THEM. At the request of our school partner principals and teachers, our team is hard at work producing online versions of Dancing Classrooms that infuse the high expectations and values of our instruction - Safe Space, Respect and Compassion, Self-Control and -Command, Humor and Joy, Being Present, and regard for Body Language and vocal tone - into their remote learning plans. But we urgently need funding to keep these efforts going!

Please give what you can to the Dancing Classrooms NYC COVID-19 Emergency Fund and help us ensure a future for Dancing Classrooms NYC and the 17,000 children that we serve annually. Together we will help keep children motivated, creative, collaborative, learning, and, yes, dancing during these unprecedented times.  

To get a taste of the virtual lessons we are developing and get moving yourself, visit us on Facebook and Instagram for a #DCDanceBreak and dance parties. And watch for #DCDanceatHome lessons coming soon!

Take care, be well, and thank you for your support. 

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