Detroit Heals Detroit Youth-Led Healing Hub

by Detroit Heals Detroit

According to ACE, one in every four students currently sitting in American classrooms have experienced a traumatic event, and that number is even greater for those living in marginalized communities. Our Radical Solution: Build a Youth-led Healing Space, a safe haven where Detroit youth will help each other lift up resiliency and lead community healing in which they are able to transform their pain into power. 

We will provide culturally-rooted trauma informed care, wraparound services, and use restorative practices to help students experiencing recurrent trauma, specifically youth ages 12-21. We aim to reduce disciplinary incidents, decrease suspensions and improve social emotional skills/academic engagement. This Healing Hub will become their “homeplace”, a term coined by bell hooks, a space where our youth truly matter to themselves and one another, where their souls are nurtured and fed; a space of resistance. 

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