Mbaale Primary School -Urgent Clean Water and Sanitation

by Drink Local Drink Tap

460+ People are in need of Clean Water and Toilets

Watch a video from 8 year old student, Aaron, as he talks about their latrines

Sanitation: Mbale Primary School is in desperate need of clean water and sanitation. Students and teachers do not have any safe latrines (toilets) to ‘relieve’ themselves. This forces children to go to the bush or, to not come to school at all. A very passionate headteacher, along with parents, have tried to construct a temporary latrine, but it is collapsing and very dangerous. This is an urgent safety and health concern and the school will be shut down soon if a solution is not found.  

Solution: Build two latrine blocks

Clean Water: Once the project above is funded we will continue to raise money to bring access to clean water. Currently, two ‘water sources’ have been compromised. One, 1km away was taken by a factory and another is an open dam 6km (roundtrip) away that is shared with animals and many other villagers- students are not given permission or priority to fetch water. Both sources have major safety concerns such as water quality, drowning, accidents and attacks on young girls. Students spend almost two hours each day, missing class, to collect dirty water. When collected, it is not boiled or filtered.This project would allow students to remain in school, rather than fetching water. 

Solution: Build a deep clean water well

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