Committed to Community

by DuPage Health Coalition

Committed to Community

When the DuPage Health Coalition was founded 20  years ago, we understood and showed that working together we could dramatically improve health access for thousands of uninsured DuPage residents. This year has brought into sharp focus just how important our work remains, and how grateful we continue to be of our volunteers and community partners at hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, health departments, and local nonprofits. The success of DHC sits firmly on their shoulders, and this year we have greater admiration and appreciation of their efforts. 

In a time of uncertainty, your support for DHC relieves  anxiety for thousands of your most vulnerable neighbors, ensuring that they have the tools and resources to stay healthy and safe, granting access to high quality care. The community you live in is part of who you are. Even if you don’t see your neighbors every day, you know your actions impact those around you. Your financial contribution helps those neighbors, friends, and coworkers in need get and stay healthy. Good health is foundational. Your gift today will help support the healthcare needs of many local families so that they can work, learn, and thrive. When we open doors to healthcare, it changes everything. 

We are in this together. Please consider making a financial contribution to improve our community’s health one individual at a time. With your help, tomorrow we will all be healthier.

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