2020 Breakfast for Justice

by Eastside Legal Assistance Program

At ELAP we believe that everyone in our community should have access to legal advice and services. We are dedicated to working with people facing domestic violence, housing, financial, healthcare, immigration, and other issues that need a legal solution. We work for free to solve legal issues and provide resources for our community members because not everyone can afford a lawyer. 

Everyone deserves access to legal help. Especially during a pandemic.

If you have technical difficulties watching the live stream, try viewing it directly on our website.

Here's how we make an impact:

We educate communities about their legal rights. 
• We remove legal barriers that impact people’s health.
• We empower domestic violence survivors and their families to stay safe. 
• We support victims of crime as they navigate the legal system.
• We protect people facing eviction so they can stay in their homes.
• We advise people who are being harassed by debt collection agencies.
• We advocate for immigrants, regardless of their citizenship status.

Join us at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 for our virtual Breakfast for Justice streaming event!

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