Making Space: A Mural and Documentary Project

by Elgin History Museum

What space can we make in Elgin for artistic expression? How can we create a lasting reflection of cultural change during the summer of 2020? Where is the space for peaceful engagement by community members? How do we elevate equity in Elgin?

These questions arose in response to the historic summer of 2020 and the response that Elgin’s community had to the killing of George Floyd. Elgin’s residents came out and peacefully protested along with many others across the nation. Downtown businesses were largely boarded up in an abundance of caution based on the looting happening in other communities; happily, no looting or damage occurred in Elgin. Local artists and activists activated to express their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement artistically on the boards adorning the businesses.

An ad-hoc group of community individuals (now known as the Elgin Social Justice Collective) came together and worked to identify a project that would address those questions. The project consists of four parts: a mural, a documentary, a Juneteenth partnership, and a scholarship. To get more details about the parts of the project, click here.

Your donation or sponsorship will be used to fund any or all facets of the project. All donations made to the project are tax deductible. Sponsorship of specific components of the the project can also be accommodated.

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