House Party

by Epicenter

House Party: Celebrating 10 years of Epicenter!

What's the House Party?

Epicenter was founded in the fall of 2009. To celebrate our 10th anniversary year, we’re holding a series of events leading up to our biggest project yet: new housing development in Green River, Utah. We’ve been building towards this project since our start back in 2009, and we’re nearly there. Please join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary year. Join the party!

Why $100,000?

Of the project's roughly $1,200,000 budget, we have identified gap of $100,000 to be filled through private individual donations. 92% of the project financing is already secured or expected!

I want to double my party power and raise money for Epicenter!

Great! Create a fundraiser here. Whoever raises the most money for us will win the title Party Czar and some great party favors.

Still have questions? 

Call or email us directly. If you'd like to give a large donation and avoid online giving fees, send a check to: Epicenter, PO Box 444, Green River UT 84525. 


Maria Sykes - Epicenter Executive Director

+1 (435) 564-3330


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