Family Fund

by Esperanza

No matter our differences, most of us want pretty similar things. A comfortable home, food on the table, a bright future for our children. Yet in NYC, one of the richest cities in the world, many families are struggling to make ends meet.  At Esperanza, we work with families to help young people who are court-involved get back on track towards a positive future. Through therapy and in collaboration with the teen and their family members, a plan is created that maps out the path to achieving their goals. As part of this journey we help families secure the resources they need to help their child. Whether that means connecting them with educational opportunities, securing medical care or helping with items like beds and food, Esperanza works with families and children to ensure that the basic needs many of us take for granted are met.  Please join us today by making a donation to the Esperanza Family Fund.  

Thank you and wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, 

Jenny Kronenfeld, Executive Director

 A special thanks to David Gray and Katie McQuerrey for making this wonderful video about our work.

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