Give 2 Give

by F3 Foundation

F3 Foundation is hosting the Give2Give fundraiser to benefit it’s mission in October.

If you have not heard the Roundtable or COT Podcasts, please take a listen for deeper dive. 

Round-table podcast link

The big picture:

The F3 Foundation can not scale in it’s current form and support the pax of F3 Nation. Our goal is to make the F3 Foundation a professionally run foundation for several reasons:

1. Need to raise money for the pax so they can accelerate their impact on their communities and not waste a ton of time raising money.

2. Build a “resume” of what the result of “invigoration of male community leadership looks like. Compile all the impact F3 pax has done in their respective communities. (eg. Disaster Ops, Men's Shelter, etc).

3. Establish national F3 projects and leverage size of F3 Nation to take advantage of best practices and experience.

To accomplish this aggressive mission and to continue to scale the Foundation with F3 Nation, it will require professional leadership. We have so many amazing volunteers but it will take time and experience so we need to go out and hire a director. Then the director will go out under the guidance of the F3 Nation board and enable the Foundation to accomplish the mission.

Give2Give 2020:

Our goal is to raise over $200,000.00 in October. The proceeds will go to the F3 Foundation for the following:

1. Hire and establish a professional director to lead Foundation

2. Continue to fund F3 Expansion and Truebadore Program

3. Build a general fund to be able to make grants to existing F3 Regions

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