Together We Make a Neighborhood

by Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Thank you for joining us for our first annual mission-centered fundraising campaign! Throughout the week of April 20-23, we've celebrated Fair Housing Month and the 52nd anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act by sharing stories from our staff and partners about our work fighting housing discrimination and ensuring access to equal housing opportunity throughout Oregon. 

To hear a welcome message from FHCO Executive Director Allan Lazo, click here.

To hear why Wells Fargo is supporting Fair Housing, click here.

To hear why Tomas Hernandez, FHCO board member and Regional Director of Legal Aid, thinks education about Fair Housing laws is so important, click here

To hear from FHCO Enforcement and Public Policy Director Kirsten Blume about the work we're doing through collaboration with advocacy agencies, click here.

On April 23rd, Executive Director Allan Lazo hosted a Facebook live event featuring a special video of bus tour presenter Ed Washington 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact us all, many members of our community are struggling to protect their housing rights. Together we can help those who are struggling and ensure no one faces discrimination in housing during this unprecedented time. 

FHCO is the only organization in the state that educates both housing providers and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act. Our most popular outreach program is our bus tour, Fasten Your Seatbelts…It’s Been a Bumpy Ride. On the tours, we educate more than 1,600 people annually on the history of housing discrimination, segregation, and displacement in Oregon. Through our hotline and testing programs, we help advocate and restore housing choice for those experiencing housing discrimination.

Fair Housing Council of Oregon’s goals are to:

1. Ensure everyone in Oregon can live wherever they’d like to live, free from discrimination.

2. Empower people to speak up and take steps to prevent or address discrimination as it is happening.

3. Collaborate with housing providers and local and state governments to reduce discriminatory barriers to Fair Housing.

4. Create a network of partners in health care, environmental planning, criminal justice, education, and other fields to address Fair Housing issues in the work they do.

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