Kaia is Racing to Make Life Better for People Living with FD!

by Familial Dysautonomia Foundation

People living with FD can face daily challenges doing things the rest of us take for granted, and yet they continue to thrive in life and be happy! But not every day is a good day. 

That is why on March 15, 2020 I will run the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon to face an obstacle of my own for them. And while doing so, raise money for the FD Foundation to help make life better to those with FD who are an inspiration to all of us!

Familial Dysautonomia (FD) is a rare genetic disorder that affects the autonomic and sensory nervous systems. Symptoms include: insensitivity to pain, absence of tears, unstable blood pressure and body temperature, respiratory, digestive and vision problems. Though FD affects people across the world it occurs almost exclusively in people with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. FD is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner when both, otherwise healthy parents, pass on their copy of a mutated IKAP gene to their unborn child. For more information visit www.famdys.org.

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