Night Without A Bed

by Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley

Eight-year-old Abby never expected she’d be doing her homework in a motel room every night. But when her dad lost his job, her family had to give up their home. They moved into a motel, and Abby went from having her own bedroom to sharing one room with her entire family. 

Abby’s not alone, 1 in 16 children in the U.S. experiences homelessness by the first grade. They and their families can be found sleeping in motel rooms, with friends, or even in their cars. And kids who face homelessness suffer in other ways, as well. National statistics state that they’re more likely to drop out of school, repeat a grade, suffer from depression, and attempt suicide.

Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley works to address root causes of homelessness and connect families to housing, stability, community and independence, while keeping families TOGETHER.

You can show your support for children and families battling homelessness and raise awareness of this crisis by joining Family Promise SGV's first Night Without A Bed sleepout on September 11, 2020.

Put up a tent in your back yard. Make a fort in your living room. Wrap up in blankets on the sofa or in a sleeping bag on the floor. Take your pillow and a blanket to your car and hunker down. Give up your comfortable bed for one night and share the experience with friends and family - so that every child can have a bed.

Post photos of your Night Without A Bed on social media, tag Family Promise SGV and use the hashtags #NightWithoutABed and #FPSGVRespondsTogether.  

Ask your friends and families to become your sponsors in support of families working tirelessly to regain their stability and independence.  Ask your friends and family to accept the challenge and join you in raising awareness and funds to end homelessness for families in our communities.

Your support directly serves families like Abby's here in the San Gabriel Valley during this especially difficult and vulnerable season. Thank you for being part of the solution!

While we realize that going without a bed for one night does not replicate the hardship and trauma of our clients and other families experiencing homelessness, we believe it is one small way towards building understanding, empathy and support while taking actionable steps toward our ultimate goal of ending child homelessness. 

Please be sure to post photos of your Night Without A Bed on social media using #NightWithoutABed and #FPSGVRespondsTogether, and ask sponsors to support your efforts to help families battling homelessness.

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