Animal-Assisted Therapies and The Human-Animal Bond

by Well Beings

About this campaign

2019 Campaign: Human Animal Bond

Animals are not only our friends - they are our protectors, our healers and our partners on this planet we share. This year at finn2finn Alliance, we want to highlight humanity’s connection to animals and simultaneously underscore the value of rescue animals in particular. How?

Our 2019 campaign will focus on the growing field of Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) which recognizes the importance of animals' inherent ability to bring emotional and physical healing to our communities. Our carefully curated partners are addressing some of our society’s greatest challenges - like, domestic violence, PTSD, and humane education - with the support of animals. And these partners share one of our core goals- to alleviate overpopulation in animal shelters nationwide. We are proud that ALL of our partners train and engage rescue animals in their programs, underscoring the value of rescues by acknowledging their meaningful roles within our society.

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About Well Beings:

Well Beings is a unique collective of next-gen change agents who highlight the connection between animal welfare and conservation through advocacy, education and funding. In partnership with dynamic programs, we help to scale the most promising solutions.

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