$75,000 MATCHING GIFT!!!

by First Graduate

Bridging The Opportunity Gap

Do you consider education part of social justice? We do. Access to education closes the opportunity gap for young people. It can change our communities. It can change our future. It certainly changes the futures of our students and their families.

And, because we have a challenge gift from founding board member Anaflor Graham, your gift will be doubled, up to $75,000. This is an opportunity to have your gift go twice as far in making the following possible:

  • Distribute computers and hotspots to middle school and high school students who do not have access to computers or the internet; 
  • Train interns and volunteers who are talking with students once each week via email and giving resume feedback to them; 
  • Grow our newest initiative, LaunchPad, so that 90% of participants (College seniors and recent alumni) will have acquired employment in a career-track job no later than 6 months after completing the program.
  • Matching students with college advisors through Zoom to discuss how they’re coping with online learning, academic goals, and college and career interest.
  • Continue to meet with families to ensure they are doing alright and have the resources necessary to help their children on the path to becoming the first in their families to graduate with a college degree.

Can we count on you this year? When everything else is uncertain, we are the safety net for our students. What is meant by “we”,  is you and First Graduate. Together, we can have an impact that can last for generations, starting with one student and that first step that moves them towards college graduation.

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Thank you for your support.

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