PPE for Nicaraguan Healthcare Workers

by FNE International

UPDATE:   For Phase 1, we purchased 4,500 Face Shields, 4,000 cloth masks (1,000 were donated), and 5,500 pairs of latex gloves, 478 KN95 masks, 100 bodysuits, 9 pulse oximeters, and hand sanitizer.  We continue to make purchases and distribute as donations come in. Please continue to spread the word: the need is so great right now as more health facilities are overwhelmed with cases. We will continue to make purchases with the donations we receive as assess the changing realities with frontline workers. You can follow our progress on our Facebook group.  

** To make a donation via PayPal, please click here. For donations from a UK bank account, please click here. Si quieres donar directo a una cuenta bancaria Nicaragüense haga click aqui (cuenta en dolares y cordobas).**

We are a coalition of Nicaraguans and global citizens in solidarity with Nicaragua coming together to provide frontline healthcare workers with personal protective equipment that is otherwise unavailable.
 The coalition is called "Protección Pinolera de Emergencia," a culturally relevant name which translates to "Emergency Protection for Nicaraguans."

We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals through strong existing relationships to determine urgent needs and priorities. 100% of the funds raised will be used to get PPE into hospitals and clinics. Our goal is relief and prevention.

In a country with a fragile and under-resourced healthcare system, the loss of any medical professionals to illness or death would result in significant suffering and loss of life among the general population seeking care. Health care workers predict Nicaragua is on verge of outbreak and don't have the resources they need to keep themselves and their patients safe. 

Production of the masks will support Nicaraguans, and will be made with breathable fabric based on the latest recommendations.  

We are partnering with Rotary Club International who will help us with the purchase and distribution of PPE directly to healthcare workers at under-resourced hospitals and clinics that need preventive equipment on the Caribbean Coast, Chinandega, Leon, and Managua. 

If you have questions please contact us at: proteccionpinolera@gmail.com.

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