Fresh For Summer

by Food for Thought Outreach

Over the 2021 Summer Break, Food For Thought will be providing 25 curbside food pickups for families enrolled in our program.

  • 5 Locations throughout Okaloosa & Walton County
  • 5 Curbside Pickups at each location

This year, Food For Thought will be "Fresh for Summer," with the goal to provide fresh food for each curbside service.  Fresh food items to include:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Bread

Sponsorships for families and Curbside Services

Sponsor a Family - $40: Provides one family food during a curbside pickup

Curbside Sponsorship - $1,500: Sponsor a full curbside pick-up location

  • 5 Locations; Up to 2 Sponsors per Location 
  • Receive a Sponsorship Banner at your location
  • As of 5/6, 4 sponsorships remain. 
  • Contact with any questions on curbside sponsorships

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