BE THE RESCUE: COVID-19 Response Fund

by Food Rescue US

If you would like to designate your donation to a specific Food Rescue US location or program, you will be prompted to enter that information after you make your donation.  

We would like to thank all of the foundations, businesses, organizations, and individuals that have contributed to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Everything we are able to provide, including our new emergency programs, is because of your generosity. You are truly allowing us to BE THE RESCUE for those in need. Thank you!

We are asking for your support at this time to ensure we can continue to provide the best solutions to help the most people. 

With the food recovery landscape changing every hour due to COVID-19, we are seeing social service agencies with increased demand and food donors, like grocery stores, with less to donate. 

Food Rescue US is committed to finding creative solutions as the needs continue to evolve daily. Our model is scalable and adaptable, allowing us to meet the changing needs. During this time, we are continuing to rescue food from many of our established food donor partners. With the current closures, Food Rescue US has also been recovering excess food from businesses, including restaurants, that are shuttering and providing it to social service agencies helping the food insecure, many of which have been impacted by various closures. 

At this time, Food Rescue US is developing new ways to service those in need. This includes:

  • Launching Community Kitchens within our various locations. These kitchens would be staffed by food service personnel who would prepare meals that would then be delivered by Food Rescue US volunteers to people in need. 
  • Partnering with community businesses who are raising money to purchase food from local restaurants that we are delivering to local social service agencies. 

Funds at this time will allow us to continue our operations and adapt to the evolving landscape and challenges facing social service agencies and food insecure individuals and families. 

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