The End Hunger Pain Initiative: Support Food Rescue US

by Food Rescue US

This is our mission. We will embark on a 6-day east coast media tour and month-long social media campaign in April 2021 to raise awareness of the rising rates of food insecurity in the US and the disproportionate impact it can have on people living with food intolerance. We aim to bridge the gap between industry that create foods for special diets and distribution methods to get these foods in the mouths of people that need them most with the #EndHungerPain initiative. 

Food Rescue US is a national food recovery organization that empowers communities to rescue would be wasted food and deliver it to local agencies providing for the food insecure via a dedicated network of volunteer food rescuers. Food Rescue US can facilitate the movement of special diet food, such as gluten free, low FODMAP, etc., from industry partners to pantries serving those with food intolerance. By making a donation to Food Rescue US, we can support their expansion and growth throughout the country. 

Kate Scarlata, MPH, RDN, LDN is a Boston-based dietitian with 30 years of experience. Kate’s expertise is in gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerance. She was awarded the Outstanding Massachusetts Dietitian Award and recognized as Boston’s Best Dietitian by Boston Magazine. Kate is a New York Times Best Seller and is world-renowned food intolerance expert, with a vast platform to get these important messages in the right hands. Kate started the #IBelieveinyourStory campaign to raise awareness about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fund IBS research and provide a safe space for people living with this condition to share their story. This year, we have added a new tenet to this campaign, helping fight hunger with foods everyone can eat, with The End Hunger Pain initiative.

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