WE RESCUE 2020! Support Food Rescue US - DC!

by Food Rescue US

This fall, Food Rescue US - DC is proud to be celebrating four years of making a difference in our community. Every day, our food rescuers are out, picking up food donations and delivering them to shelters, soup kitchens, low-income housing and nonprofits that assist the food insecure. Beyond feeding the hungry, our program helps the environment by keeping usable food out of landfills. And, we build community by creating a rich network of neighbors helping neighbors who get to know local businesses and community partners along the way.

This year, COVID-19 has made our work even more critical. It is estimated that 54 million Americans, including 1 in 4 children, will experience food insecurity. That’s a 46% increase from 2019.

In order to address this growing need, we are counting on your support more than ever. Through this giving link, we invite you to make a donation to support our DC program. You can also create a link to launch your own personal fundraiser here. And look for our exciting online auction to debut in the coming days and alerts about matching grants that will double your donation.

In the words of one of our community partners, "You have been such a HUGE blessing for and to so many, far more than you see. Please continue what you're doing. We need more programs like this. No one should ever go to bed hungry and this program, YOU make sure so many don't."

To help us rise to every challenge, please join us by contributing to our year-end appeal so we can continue to BE THE RESCUE. TOGETHER.

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