26.2 for Tobi

by Forward4Tobi

We are just a group of girlfriends who miss our childhood friend Tobi Lauren Klonecki.  On July 22nd, in honor of what would have been her 49th birthday, we are lacing up our shoes and walking a marathon - 26.2 miles!  Have we trained for this? Heck no! Are we amazingly fit and this challenge will feel like a 'walk in the park' (pun intended :) Heck no!  What we do have going for us is a love of Tobi and a desire to help other metastatic breast cancer patients in her memory.  Tobi was always up for a good challenge. This idea was thrown out there as more of a joke during a group chat but here we are, ready or not, we are walking a marathon!  

Please consider donating to this Forward4Tobi Foundation fundraiser so we can continue helping metastatic breast cancer patients with their financial struggles. THANK YOU for your support.  xoxo

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