Road to Emotional Wellness for Children & Teens

by Foundations Health & Wholeness, Inc.

YOU are an important ally for children and teens in our community. YOU are their mentors, teachers, confidants, and heroes. YOU can make sure they get access mental health care. When children and teens thrive, families flourish, and communities prosper.

Will YOU make a financial gift to give children and teens the opportunity to thrive and grow into compassionate adults? One local family is committed to making sure children and teens heal mind and spirit through counseling, emotional health screenings, and mental health education for them and their families. They have pledged $100,000 as a matching gift to inspire your gift!

Counseling helps children and teens develop problem-solving skills

Counseling teaches children and teens the value of asking for help

Counseling improves social skills for children

Counseling helps children and teens deal with family stress 

Counseling addresses developmental depression in teens 

Counseling teaches conflict resolution, motivation, and self-esteem for children and teens with ADHD and ADD 

Counseling prevents teen suicide

For every $1 you give, our generous match donor will give $1 to:

(1) make sure children and teens get access to the one-on-one counseling they need;

(2) help us hire a Family Navigator, who supports and works with directly with families to navigate community and school resources; and

(3) partner with local schools to provide age-appropriate emotional health screenings so children and teens so they can get early access to mental health counseling services. 

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