We Are At Home - Our Compassion Doesn't Have To Be

by Foundations Health & Wholeness, Inc.

We may be home, but our compassion doesn’t have to be.

This is not like any other appeal you’ve received; there is no success story to share. The success is yet to be written. YOU write what happens next.

During this worldwide pandemic, OUR neighbors in OUR community are struggling with the disruption in, and they are overcome with fear about, life. They are anxious about the future, struggling with a new “un-normal,” and may be afraid of therapy. The inability to pay for therapy is the final straw for many people. It’s the reason that keeps them from healing mind and spirit.

This worldwide pandemic leaves no room for stigma. If we ever are to smash stigma, the time is now. It’s up to us to create the formula for people to feel safe and free to come to therapy.

We are working on the front lines of this crisis to support our neighbors. We are here and ready to serve our community. We have evolved quickly to phone and video therapy for clients.

Insurance companies aren’t fully on board with video therapy yet, and, as you can imagine, internal processes in large companies sometimes are slow to change. Medicare isn’t paying for phone sessions, and most of our Medicare clients don’t have access to the technology or don’t know how to navigate video therapy. We want to make sure that money isn’t a barrier for clients to get help during this time and beyond.

YOU can end stigma. YOU can change someone’s life. YOU can give the gift of healing mind and spirit.

A donation of $165 supports one client in a session of therapy. If you give $165, or any amount, you can save a life. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone seeing this gave something to help their neighbor seeking mental health care? What a wonderful world it would be.

You are the story. You are the solution.

If you can give during this time, please do. Every gift matters. Every life matters.

*All gifts will support the greatest need.

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