by Free Geek

We need your help. 

Over the last year, students and families urgently needed our services more than ever before. We put our community first, providing over 850 computers to students and families impacted by the pandemic. 

However, with the school year ending, students and families are facing new challenges when it comes to access to technology. You see, some students were able to get a computer from their school -- and for many families, that was the only computer in their household. But now, some schools are requiring students to return their computers That’s a big problem, especially for students like Lisa.

You see, Lisa and her family never owned a computer. That is until she was given one by her school. Lisa used the computer to go to school, complete her homework and stay connected with friends. She even shared the computer with her family, so they were able to connect with loved ones throughout the pandemic. But now, her school is requiring them to return the computer, leaving behind a digital void for Lisa and her family.

Now more than ever, we need your help.

Right now, we have 402 students like Lisa in line waiting for their own computers. Ones they get to keep and don’t have to return before summer starts. Will you donate today to provide a student with a computer of their own?

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