Walk, Paddle, and Roll

by Freshwater Future

Help protect the Great Lakes—20% of the Earth's surface fresh water—by donating to Freshwater Future’s Walk, Paddle and Roll fundraiser today.

Friends of Freshwater Future are walking, paddling, biking, and swimming around the Great Lakes region this summer with a goal to raise $7,500 to support the people working tirelessly to protect and restore our waters from source to tap. (We've been so amazed at the response we raised our goal to $7,500.  Your donations will be put to good use to protect our waters all around the Great Lakes.)

With YOUR support, Freshwater Future is making sure that community groups across the Great Lakes have the tools and resources they need to make sure their water is safe for drinking and recreation. With your gift, we will: 

  • Test water in homes and schools for lead contamination
  • Educate and engage youth around clean drinking water, building tomorrow’s leaders for environmental justice
  • Identify waters contaminated with toxic PFAS chemicals and educate people about this dangerous pollutant
  • Push for policy solutions that reduce pollution contributing to harmful algal blooms
  • Protect wetlands that not only filter pollution but provide wildlife habitat
  • And much more!

Support our amazing team of staff, board members, and friends, who are getting outdoors this summer to raise funds to support Freshwater Future's vital work.

You can help raise funds for Freshwater Future to by setting up your own Walk, Paddle and Roll fundraising page.

Join us today to protect the water we all share!


Freshwater Future is a catalyst for community action that strengthens the policies that safeguard the waters of the Great Lakes region.  

Our vision is that the waters of the Great Lakes region are healthy and provide safe drinking water, beaches for swimming, and fish that are safe to eat, because communities are engaged in caring for their own waters.

Visit www.freshwaterfuture.org to learn more!

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