Help Nomsa keep her preschool open

by Friends of Ikamva Labantu

Among the harsh conditions of Delft township, where violence, crime and poverty are rife, one preschool principal keeps 130 children safe every day. But Nomsa's school is running out of space and is under threat of being closed down if she does not find more space soon. Help us keep Nomsa's preschool open.

In 2015, Nomsa opened her preschool, Blessings Educare, with just 11 children. Today, she and her staff care for over 130 children every day.  

The preschool is a beacon of hope in Delft, where gangsterism, violence, and drugs are pervasive. But due to government regulations, Blessings Educare is at risk of being closed down if Nomsa doesn’t find more space for her classes. 

Nomsa knows that overcrowding at her preschool is a problem. It limits a child's space to play and learn, and can lead to health and safety risks too. But there are no other preschools in the area, and Nomsa also knows that if these children weren't under her roof, they would be deprived of quality education and would be left at risk in her community.

“Delft is a dangerous place," says Nomsa. "The children that cannot come to my preschool risk being locked up in their houses all day while their parents are at work. Or worse, they are on the streets where they risk getting lost, kidnapped or even raped.”

But Blessings Educare can only stay open if we find Nomsa more space.

There is a solution. 

We can provide Nomsa with an additional 40 square meters for her preschool. But we need your help to get there. 

1 square meter = 10 building blocks. It will take 400 building blocks to keep Nomsa's preschool open. 

Sponsor one or more building blocks or square meters to help us reach our target.

$25 = 1 building block

$75 = 3 building blocks

$125 = 5 building blocks

$250 = 1 square meter

$2500 = 10 square meters

Donate today and help give children the space they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

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