Scholarships 2021 - A Dream Come True

by Future Dreamers & Achievers

In a world filled with bad news, it’s critical to do whatever we can to amplify the positive.

Founded in 2017, Future Dreamers & Achievers goal is to bring more positive energy to our troubled world by celebrating young dreamers ready to pursue their most ambitious aspirations. We applaud and encourage promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have demonstrated through their hard work that a better future is attainable. We want to give these brave, bold, and persistent young people a leg up by providing them with mentors and awarding them scholarships as the fuel to help them achieve their Future Dreams

We aren’t your ordinary nonprofit organization: We are building several sustainable programs by organizing unique “Concerts for Scholarship Concerts” and a "Future Dreamers Music Record Label" (first of its kind) for Music artists to showcase their talents to the world.

Due to the constraints of Live Events during 2020 we are now gearing up for our “Concerts for Scholarships” Program to commence in the later part of 2021 which in essence will awaken the “Never Give Up” spirit in all of us. This spirit can help us achieve almost anything, even if it is initially seen as unattainable.

We can’t fulfill our mission and complete this important work to uplift and empower our country’s future leaders without your support in partnering with us. Future Dreamers & Achievers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible* and will be used exclusively to advance our mission. 

Thank you in advance for joining us to ensure that we are able to recognize and celebrate less privileged students fighting hard to achieve their dreams!


Bob Rivera, Founder

*Future Dreamers & Achievers is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; tax ID #82-3353757.

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