Invest in the Future of Our Democracy - Invest in a Classroom

by Generation Citizen

This past year was tumultuous in no small part because of the strains and division we have seen in our civic leadership. A contentious Presidential election followed by the insurrection January 6th have shown us how fragile our American democracy is. Many students are returning to classrooms en masse for the first time since March 2020 and Generation Citizen wants to ensure that they continue to have the tools to understand and address the inequities exposed by the disruptions of the pandemic. A sense of agency can improve wellbeing, and by making sure students understand how their government and communities operate and how they can participate, we are helping them adapt and flourish.  

As schools prepare for a post-Covid school year in 2021-2022, teachers’ will need support to help students navigate the tumultuous period we are living in and the larger crisis for our democracy. To ensure that high-quality civics education is available in classrooms, Generation Citizen is launching our Invest in Democracy, Invest in a Classroom campaign to provide critical resources to our core programming.

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