The Science Wing Project

by German International School NY
"Education is not the Learning of Facts,
but the Training of the Mind to Think"
Albert Einstein

Your donation will help our 400 students to develop a passion for the natural sciences. Children from the ages of 3 to 19 will be using the re-imagined classrooms and the new MakerSpace to become inspired to pursue a scientific career, develop critical skills and foster relationships through collaborative partnerships with cutting-edge companies. 

Share your generosity through your preferred social media channel or create your very own page to fundraise for us. All donations of $1000 and above that you make or collect, will be honored by a plaque on the Science Wing donor wall. Contact us for details

Fundraise for the project: To create your own page or your own team, click on "I want to fundraise for this" and follow the instructions to set up your own page.

Fundraise as a class or group: Create your own page, then choose create a team and invite other people to join your team.

The community at the
German International School NY
greatly appreciates your support!

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