JOIN us in supporting those impacted by cancer!

by Gilda's Club Evansville

Did you know that over 10,000 youth in Indiana will be diagnosed with cancer this year?  

Kids of all ages...missing out on 'normal' kid activities because they are too sick from chemo, too exhausted from treatments, and too scared to plan for tomorrow because they are busy fighting to live today.

Kids that have a brother or sister that are fighting cancer and they are left at home with a family member or friend because their sibling is getting treatment at Riley's, Kosiar, or St. Jude's.  

Kids that have a parent that has been diagnosed with cancer and no one is talking.  

Families torn apart physically and devastated emotionally. 

In 2021, with your support, we will launch specific cancer support resources to individuals impacted by cancer, including youth and their families, that focus on prevention, education, and support for every step of their cancer journey, from being diagnosed to walking with grit and courage through surviving to thriving.  

Together...we can make sure that no one faces cancer alone.  Because we are facing it...together. 

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